Career Guidance

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Career counselling is a process that will help you explore and understand yourself and the “world of work” in order to make rational career, educational, and life decisions.

Career Seminar/ Talks

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There are a variety of seminars, workshops, and other events going on every day related to enhancing professional development and learning about the many career pathways available to students

Psychometric Assessment & Career Counselling

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A psychometric test is an internationally accepted method to gauge a person’s capabilities. A student has to take tests that assess his critical thinking ability and problem solving capabilities

Parental Counselling related to Career

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Parents serve as a major influence in their children’s career development and career decision- making.

Interactive Academic Enhancement Sessions

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The Division of Academic Enhancement provides important resources for University students.

Training & Workshops

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Our Career Guidance workshop facilitate effective career selection and decision making. Our panel of industry experts provide valuable & relevant guidance in accessing the most relevant resources and career information.

Our Review

  • Mohit Class 12 – Bhopal ( Bhopal )

    I absolutely loved it, it was beneficial and I'll recommend my friends for sure.

  • Bhavna kishnani

    Bhavna kishnani Class 12 – Bhopal ( Bhopal )

    Appointment is given as per convenience and without delay.
    About Counselling:
    - An initial test was quite comprehensive. Queries were properly explained
    - Video conf after few days, clustered career choices were given and adequately explained
    - Final assessment a one to one detailed assessment and guidance conducted.
    I agree with most of the assessment especially career interest analysis & skills and abilities. Input abt my attitude was bang on.
    - The recommendation along with career choice detailed input regarding various college and institutions be given ...beyond what is available on the public domain...some inside info abt the found from the staff and students.
    - Overall experience was nice Am now trying options mainly as per choice is given by Namrata ma’am


  • Bharati Mathur – Parent ( Bhopal )

    The test conducted and the councilling session were very informative and helpful. It was in line with what we knew about our child, some suggestions will help us in overcoming some of the weaknesses. As regard to subject and career choices, the tool helped in filtering the relevant choices as per the child's interest and skill. Thanks, Namrata. We were comfortable talking to you.

About Founder

  • Founder of Axis Career Path, specializing in the field of Career Counselling with an experience of more than 5 years.
  • A graduate in Psychology and Sociology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
  • A post graduate in Career & Developmental Counselling along with a PG Diploma in School Counselling from SNDT University, Mumbai.
  • Career Counsellor at Sagar Public School, Bhopal.
  • Visiting faculty at the Distance Education Department, SNDT University, Mumbai for courses offered in Psychology.
  • Visiting faculty at The Institute of Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal.
  • Has worked in schools in Mumbai and Indore as a life skills trainer and school counselor.
  • Has been conducting seminars and talks for students, parents, and corporates on various career-related topics