ANo, preparation is required for these tests. You just need to be fresh and willing to give the test.

AYes, we provide online assessment and so you can take the test from any part of the country.

AIn this case, counselling will be done through a Skype session.

AWe generally have 2-3 session, but it may be more in certain cases. Generally, the first session is all about introducing the student and the parent to psychometric assessment followed by the second session where the student takes the assessment. In certain cases, the first and the second sessions are combined. In the final session, the student, parents and the counselor sit for a counseling session where the report interpretation takes place. The report is being explained to the student and parents and their queries are answered.

AWe only guide you regarding the various colleges offering the courses you are opting for. It will be your final decision.

AThe test generally takes around 50 mins to 2hrs, depending on the speed of the student as some tests are untimed tests also.